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The Company will provide healthy and safe working conditions and will maintain safe and pollution-free operating practices that comply with national and international regulations and relevant standards and guidelines. All employees are expected to comply with Safety and Pollution Prevention Regulations and Procedures at all times and to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, the ship, her cargo and the environment.

Procedures, as defined in the Company Documented Management System, are established to ensure:

  • Safe, environment friendly and efficient practices in ship operation and safe working environment.
  • Proactive identification and assessment of risks for the safe, pollution free and efficient operations.
  • Safeguards against all identified and properly assessed risks.
  • Continuous improvement of the safety management and environment protection skills of personnel ashore and onboard, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.
  • High standards of safety consciousness, personal discipline and individual accountability by adherence to a comprehensive and documented system of training
  • Employees’ active participation in Safety Committees, aiming at improving safety and protecting the environment.
  • Awareness of all personnel of any known or potential hazards that may affect themselves, their colleagues, the ship or the environment by transmittal of pertinent documentation and activation of Safety Committees.
  • Adherence at all times to the documented operating procedures, by a system of internal verification of procedures and activities.
  • Continuous review of all mandatory rules, regulations, industry codes and guidelines that are relevant to specific ship types and trades.
  • Continuous improvement, by monitoring key performance indicators, reviewing and revising systems and procedures.