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In the interest of the protection of human life, safety at sea and protection of the environment it must be guaranteed that no seafarer will navigate a ship or operate it’s onboard equipment while impaired by substances. Additionally all seafarers must be able to respond at any time in an emergency situation using their best capabilities and unobstructed judgement. These regulating policies apply to all company’s personnel during their employment period whether onboard or ashore.

The Company's Drug and Alcohol Policy exceeds the recommendations contained in OCIMF's 'Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol On Board Ship'. No seafarer, whatever rank, will be employed on board any Company Vessel , while impaired by drugs or alcohol or if there is a risk for such impairment .


The maximum allowable content limit of alcohol in blood is 40 milligrams per 100 millilitres. However, the consumption of alcohol whilst on duty is totally prohibited. Masters, officers and ratings shall ensure that they are not impaired by an excess of the above set limit, when the time comes for them to perform scheduled duties. In order to ensure that they are fit for such duties they shall refrain from the consumption of alcohol prior to scheduled watch keeping duties or work periods.