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Focus in Customer’s total satisfaction

  • Dynamic planning, acting, evaluating, revising
  • Proactive day to day management
  • Continuous upgrading in Safety, Quality, Occupational health and Environmental protection
  • Commitment to excellence and Consistency of performance

Better Safe than sorry!

  • Our vessels are designed and equipped with first class equipment and are Operated and maintained to the highest standard, exceeding the standards set by the Industry (Classification Societies, IMO, USCG, ICS, OCIMF, BIMCO, Regulations, Codes, Standards and Guidelines)
Only happy people can be efficient!
  • Our vessels accommodation and our ashore premises are the proper environment for our employees to operate efficiently with pleasure and safety.
  • Our employees on board and ashore, are motivated and are trained to be committed to Company’s Objectives and Policies.
  • Our supplies are procured timely, of the proper quality, in the necessary quantity.

Companies are as good as the people running them!

  • Our employees, on board and ashore are suitably educated and qualified to perform safely, environment friendly and efficiently
  • Our employees, on board and ashore, are trained to catch up with the changing standards of the Industry
  • Continuous motivation, through day to day management, and repeated training are provided to ensure our employees, on board and ashore, are committed and competent in performing their duty safely, efficiently and environment friendly.


Environment upgrading is the key to our survival!
  • Environment preservation and Environment friendly operations is the cornerstone for humanity survival
  • Our Company is committed to satisfy the current and anticipated needs to enhance environmental protection and upgrading  

Documents speak louder than words!

  • Proper documentation is developed to support our Objectives and Policy, embracing all Company’s operations and procedures
  • Reporting, evaluation and revision procedures are established, facilitating Safety and Quality management implementation

 You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

  • Key performance indicators are introduced to measure performance and trends in critical areas of Company’s operations