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The overall security objective of the Company is to:

Safeguard crew, passengers, visitors, other employees and cargoes from the activities of terrorist or other criminal organizations.

Ensure a framework, through which ships and port facilities can co-operate to detect and deter acts which threaten security in the maritime transport sector.

Ensure that the Company Security Officer (CSO), the Master and the Ship Security Officer (SSO) are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with SOLAS chapter XI-2 and part 6 “Obligations of the Company”.

Training is provided ashore and onboard and drills are conducted for sea-going and shore employees to enhance security awareness, as per ISPS Code.

No fire arms or violence will be used by the crew to counteract breach of ship’s security.

Qualified armed teams, in co-operation with Port Facilities, will be used if required by the circumstances.